Sunday Services: English | 9:30 am & Chinese | 11 am

As of 4/24/22, we have resumed our pre-Covid worship services and times.

Sunday Services

GCC has two worship services each Sunday:

  • English / 9:30 am
  • Mandarin / 11:15 am

After the English service, all are invited to join us for bagels and coffee in the church basement from 11-11:30 am.

What To Expect

If you’re new and would like to know a bit of what our worship services look like, here’s a glimpse of the order of what happens in the English service. All are welcome and you are free to participate as you feel comfortable.

  • Call to Worship: The pastor opens up our time with a short reading from a Psalm and prayer.
  • Praise & Worship: Those that are able are asked to stand and we sing together, led by the worship leader/team in 3 songs. Our church worships with both hymns and contemporary style songs.
  • Corporate & Individual Prayer of Repentance: After the pastor reads a passage from Scripture (Call To Repentance), we read/recite aloud our Corporate Prayer of Repentance and then each person is invited to silently pray on his own. The time closes out with the pastor praying and reading another passage (Assurance of Forgiveness).
  • Scripture Reading: The congregation listens and reads along as the Scripture Reading reads from two texts of Scripture.
  • Exchange of Peace: The pastor will invite us to say “hello” to each another and elementary-aged children are dismissed to their respective worship programs.
  • Sermon: The pastor preaches from the Bible, explaining what the Scriptures mean, what God had to say to his people in Biblical times, and what he has to say to us as a church community and individuals today. Those in the congregation are invited to listen to how God is speaking to them with open and receptive hearts. At GCC, the pastor will generally preach systematically through a book in the Bible over the course of several months.
  • Response Song: We stand to sing in response to the hearing of God’s word.
  • Offering & Announcements: As church announcements are made, the congregation is invited to place their offering in the offering bag. (If you’re a visitor, please do not feel obligated to give. Giving of finances is both the privilege and responsibility of believers and members of the church.)
  • Song of Blessing: We sing one last song, GCC’s “Song Of Blessing”
  • Benediction: The pastor prays a blessing over the congregation and dismisses us in peace.