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Lessons from the Garden: Bible Reflections in My Garden

From The Desk of Pastor Jeff Pastoral Reflection: Lessons from the Garden: Bible Reflections in My Garden Spring is finally here (although someone seems to have forgotten to turn off the snowstorms). As I was considering what to put in the Pastoral Reflection, I was reminded of something that I practiced more in my college/young […]

Pastoral Reflection: Happy Easter!

One of the things about being a parent of young kids is that sometimes you get to relive your childhood through the eyes of your kids. This is especially true if your child is young. When your child is an infant something as simple as a smiling face can get you excited. My children have […]

Pastoral Reflection: Preparing for Easter

A few years ago, after our Easter celebration, several members of the consistory came to the meeting with an issue. Some of them expressed sadness that it didn’t feel like Easter this year. For some, it felt like it was an opportunity that was missed to experience the gospel. The service felt like it had […]

Pastoral Reflection: Parenting

If you’re single or childless, this reflection still matters for you. First, there may be a day when you may have children. It’s always good to think through heart motivation before you are already in it. Second, whether you end up having children or not, you were a child at one point. You may find […]

Pastoral Reflection: Family Dynamics

A teen screams, “I hate you!” stomps up the stairs and a few moments later a door slams. In her room she cries feeling as if no one in the world understand her. She may not understand herself. A wife feels the weight of an unresolved issue with her husband. It seems as if it’s […]

Pastoral Reflection: Gospel Fluency – Community

There’s a phrase in the English language, “No one is an island”. In a short simple statement, it basically means that we can’t live on our own. No one could nor should try to live life by himself or herself. Even from a non-religious perspective, people recognize that healthy and wholesome relationships lead to better […]