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Pastoral Reflection: Retreat Blessings

Pastor’s Note: We will return to our series called, “Life on Purpose” next week. Since the retreat this past weekend was such a blessing, I thought it was appropriate to share some highlights of the retreat. The theme of the retreat this year has to do with the theme that we are focusing on this […]

Pastoral Reflection: Purpose of Life (Part 1)

It’s early June and for many students and parents summer is in full swing. For college students it’s time for a break from studies for internships or times of reflection. For many High School students it means tutoring, SAT prep or summer camps. For parents it means kids at home and for older folks it […]

Pastoral Reflection: Points (Part 2)

From The Desk of Pastor Jeff Pastoral Reflection: Points (Part 2) Last week we reflected about a country that is trying a radical and powerful social experiment. This country is using social media, cellular information, financial information and Internet presence to create a profile of each person in the country. In monitoring a person’s purchasing […]

Pastoral Reflection: Points (Part 1)

This week I had a conversation with someone about a country that is working on improving the behavior of its citizens. It is a form of social engineering that is intended to promote better behavior among its citizens, give incentives to make good friends, and also as a means of preventing criticism of the government. […]

Pastoral Reflection: When Serving is Hard

When I was serving a campus ministry in California, we had a phrase among the staff: “Everyone wants to be a servant until they’re treated like one.” There is much truth in that statement. For the Christian it is the very call that Christ calls us to imitate. When the disciples argued among themselves who […]