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How You Can Pray for the Pastoral Search Committee

Prayer is God’s gift to us. As Christians we believe in God’s Sovereignty over all things that happen. God orchestrates all things to happen in the universe. Not a moment happens outside his control. But God doesn’t just orchestrate events; he orchestrates the means of these events. He moves in the hearts of His people to act and to will according to his Will. Prayer is one of the ways God uses to accomplish his will. Here are some things that I’d recommend you could pray for.

1. Pray for wisdom
Solomon asked God to give him wisdom when he became king. It’s a good request. Our Search Committee needs wisdom in so many areas as the committee represents the church. We need wisdom as we search scriptures, as we interview, as we discuss the strengths and weaknesses of a candidate. One thing I’ve learned in this process is that there are times when we need to act quickly and times where we need to wait. Pray that God would give the group wisdom as individuals and as a group.

2. Pray that we can discern the candidate
As we look over resumes, read recommendations, listen to interviews and gain feedback from our brothers and sisters, we need to discern the candidate’s theology and character. Everyone wants to put his best foot forward in this process. Some candidates might be great in one area, but weak in another. Pray that the Search Committee can discern and read through the candidates’ sermons and resumes.

3. Pray that we can discern God’s will for the church
What does God desire for the church? Does God want us to call the pastor part-time or full-time? Do we need the Pastor to speak Cantonese as well? How can we reach Chinese-speaking families who are moving to the island? How can the Pastor relate to the English Congregation? How important is preaching and teaching? These are questions the Committee has been working through.

4. Pray that we could care for the candidates
From the beginning, our hope and goal was to not only be the means by which we find a candidate, but be a source of encouragement and gospel hope to the candidates themselves. We will have to say not to many candidates and yes to only one. In the process, pray that we will be able to encourage these Pastors who are searching for a place to minister.

5. Pray that we can love as we listen to each other
If you have sat on any sort of committee, there are times when decisions are hard and emotions frayed. Long meetings, difficult discussions and different opinions are hard to bring together. But God has used this process to help refine us. Pray that we would be patient with one another, demonstrate true love to people who are different from us and truly learn to be a family together in this process.

For clarification purposes, after our search committee decides on a candidate, the candidate would go to the Consistory for an interview and then the Congregation will vote. If approved, the church will extend a call and submit a package to the candidate and to the denomination. The last step would be to install the candidate as our Pastor.

Our search committee is made up of people and as such we are human sinners that compose this committee. Not only that, but the person we will hire will also be a human sinner. Hiring a new pastor will not spare our church from difficulty or challenge. In fact, it may bring more challenges. But let us pray that God would continue to guide us and lead us to know him better through this search.