Sunday Services: English | 9:30 am & Chinese | 11 am

Dear Brothers and Sisters

Thank you for being a part of the life of GCC and part of our family! As you know this summer we’ll be sending a small short-term mission team to New Brunswick from July 30th to August 3rd. We will be sending a team of 5 men (Francis Foo, Mason Ma, Benny Wu, John Chan and Pastor Jeff) to work with middle-school aged children. The children live in New Brunswick and a majority of them are Low to Middle income students. We’ll be working with an organization called Youth Empowerment Services (YES). YES’ vision is to “Empower New Brunswick’s youth through academic support, caring relationships, and spiritual development to become Christian leaders.” This summer YES has invited several churches in the area to participate in their 7-week summer camp. Each week, a different church is invited to come in and plan a week long program.

Our purpose is threefold. First, we hope to see whether our church may be called to do some inner-city work in the future. We are exploring New Brunswick since it is fairly close and can consider whether or not a partnership can develop in the future. Additionally, we are trying to determine if we can learn from this experience to take what we can to benefit the ministry on Staten Island. Second, we hope to give church members an opportunity to serve in a way they may not have been able to do previously. Mission trips bring church members to situations outside our normal circles and ministry contexts. They stretch our faith, our patience, and what we rely on. It gives an opportunity for those who go to grow in trusting the Lord. Third, we hope to shine the light of Christ to the youth of New Brunswick. To give them hope in Christ and to bless them educationally by sharing our lives, exciting their curiosity to learn and letting them know that God cares for them.

We will be spending the week tutoring students on various topics, engaging them with games, arts and crafts, conversation and fun. We hope to build relationships with the students and inspire them to follow Jesus and pursue academic success for the glory of God.

We hope to keep the church updated through the week on our church website. We also would like to ask if you can support the team financially and through prayer. Each team member needs to raise $300 to cover the costs of meals, passes, and materials. Checks can be made to Grace Christian Church in Staten Island and the money will be sent to YES. Please also keep us in prayer for the following:
• Pray that the team will be adequately prepared spiritually, mentally, and physically.
• Pray for unity in the team and that we would trust in God through the whole process.
• Pray for open hearts with the students. This is the last week of their camp and they have gone through many things together already. Pray that our team would connect with them.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to sharing our struggles and our praises this coming week.