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Weekly Pastoral Reflections

Spiritual Dryness: Symptoms

Spiritual dryness is not something unique to believers today. It is a struggle that God’s people have always had since Biblical times. The Bible uses terms like “living water”, or “ever flowing springs” to describe an intimate life with God(Psalm 1:3, 46:4, Jer. 17:3). So what does spiritual dryness look like?In Psalm 63:1, the writer speaks of being in a “dry and weary land”. Other Scriptures talk of God “hiding his face” (Psalm 13:1, 27:9). What is the source of spiritual dryness? How do we face it?

Getting Ready for a Shepherd

What is God like? One of the ways God uses to help us understand him is to use the language of a metaphor. God uses certain analogies in the Bible to help us understand him. These metaphors are things from the human experience that we can see or experience to explain what he is like. […]

Election 2016 – Faith, Hope, Love

Two weeks ago we started a new series on Faith, Hope, and Love and examined how these three characteristics of the Christian should play itself out in the way we discuss politics. Today we will discuss love and how Christians should think about love when thinking about how to vote. How Christians should vote this […]

Election 2016- Faith, Hope, Love

Election 2016- Faith, Hope, Love Last week we began a series that cover the 2016 election. We are considering how the three characteristics of faith, hope and love should look like for those who are involved in voting. Today we will be discussing what Christian hope should look like in this presidential season. As was […]

On The Elections

The Elections For the next three weeks, I’ll be taking a break from considering the profiles of notable people in the Bible. The reason for this is that there are three Sundays left before the Nov. 8th elections and this is undoubtedly something that is on the mind of many in our congregation. Every two […]


Profiles of the Bible: Esther If you were in a position of power and could do something to help others, but at the risk of your standing, your position, and even your safety, would you do it? It’s a scenario that is played out in many stories (Spiderman, A Few Good Men, The Hobbit to name a few). It’s a challenge that many of us hope […]