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Pastoral Reflection: A Call for Change

Outline- The Necessity for Change Biblical Understanding of Change in the Christian Life Change is needed for repentance God is needed for good change Change is needed for sanctification In spite of these things there is a strong pull toward looking back. What does this mean for us? Personally- there needs to be change. As […]

Pastoral Reflection: Points (Part 2)

From The Desk of Pastor Jeff Pastoral Reflection: Points (Part 2) Last week we reflected about a country that is trying a radical and powerful social experiment. This country is using social media, cellular information, financial information and Internet presence to create a profile of each person in the country. In monitoring a person’s purchasing […]

Pastoral Reflection: Points (Part 1)

This week I had a conversation with someone about a country that is working on improving the behavior of its citizens. It is a form of social engineering that is intended to promote better behavior among its citizens, give incentives to make good friends, and also as a means of preventing criticism of the government. […]

Pastoral Reflection: Happy Easter!

One of the things about being a parent of young kids is that sometimes you get to relive your childhood through the eyes of your kids. This is especially true if your child is young. When your child is an infant something as simple as a smiling face can get you excited. My children have […]

Pastoral Reflection: Preparing for Easter

A few years ago, after our Easter celebration, several members of the consistory came to the meeting with an issue. Some of them expressed sadness that it didn’t feel like Easter this year. For some, it felt like it was an opportunity that was missed to experience the gospel. The service felt like it had […]