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Profiles of the Bible

Peter (Part 4)

We last left Peter in a state of sorrow and despair. On a night when Peter needed to be courageous and faithful to Jesus, Peter faltered. His fear of other people, his fear of pain and suffering culminated in his denial of even knowing Jesus three times. Peter ran off in despair of his condition […]

Peter (Part 3)

As we continue to examine the life of Peter, we see Peter continually fitting the profile of a man who on one hand is brazen, passionate, and unafraid to speak his mind. On the other hand, Peter also tends to speak before he understands what is going on, and makes passionate declarations that do not […]


Profiles of the Bible: Esther If you were in a position of power and could do something to help others, but at the risk of your standing, your position, and even your safety, would you do it? It’s a scenario that is played out in many stories (Spiderman, A Few Good Men, The Hobbit to name a few). It’s a challenge that many of us hope […]