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Community (Part 5)

Our church’s vision is “to Raise Worshiping Disciples of Christ through the Power of the Gospel”. As stated over the past few weeks, the God ordained way we raise Disciples of Christ is through community. It is why we encourage and exhort members of our church not to give us so easily on community, to […]

Community Pt4 – A Change of Perspective

When Christian community comes together to advance the gospel and glorify God it is one of the most exciting, powerful and life giving things that can happen in a person’s life. But when the church fails to live up to the call that Christ has made her to be, it can be a devastating experience. […]

When We Fail to be God’s Community

Over the past few weeks we have been discussing community and God’s call for us to be united in Christ. Fellowship is defined as something we share in common. It is this common sharing that unites us. Our fellowship however is not based on our ethnicity, friendliness or the idea of being nice to one […]


One of the things that people say about Grace Christian Church is that there is a sense of community here. Even among those whom I interact with who have left GCC, many have expressed that aspect of the church that they remember the most. But what is a community? How does the Bible describe what […]

Preparing For Change

After a season of dating and getting to know one another, the question has finally been asked and a relationship goes to deeper intimacy. Mutual commitments have been made and now a new life together begins. I’m not talking about a marriage here,I’m talking about a church hiring a new pastor. What should we expect? […]