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Advent (Part 4)

What is the value of a promise? It can be something we easily take for granted. Our world runs on promises. Signatures on receipts, marriage vows, contracts, and appointments are all based off of promises. But we may not realize the value of a promise until we realize the pain of a broken one. Divorces, […]

Advent Reflection Part 3

One of the first lessons I learned in my High School economics class was that everything costs something. We learned about this thing called an “opportunity cost”. This is the cost of doing something (or not doing something). For example if a person spent time producing a work of art, the cost of that was […]

Advent Week 2: The Emperor and the Shepherds

Last week we sung an old Christmas/Advent Hymn, “Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus”. In the song, there’s a line that describes Jesus, “Born they people to deliver, born a child and yet a king”. One of the things we celebrate about Jesus is that though He is the King of the Universe, he came humbly […]

Advent 2016-The Reason for the Season

This week marks the first week of the Advent Season, which means that Christmas is four weeks away! It’s always good to have time off of work and school to spend time with family. But as many have rightly lamented, the season can actually bring out human sinfulness in the pursuit of greed, selfishness and […]

Why the Incarnation Changes Everything (Part 2)

The purpose of Advent is to contemplate and examine God’s coming in the flesh- that is the incarnation. But why is this so important? Why was it necessary for our benefit in order to save us? Last week we learned how the punishment of sin had to be taken by a human because humans had […]

Why the Incarnation Changes Everything

Christmas is just around the corner. As we prepare for the Christmas season, one question that is in the back of my mind is does Christmas really matter? Christmas is one among many religious-cultural practices that has survived secularism. Aside from the economic reports, the family get-togethers, and the gifts, does Christmas have any inherent […]

Christmas for Ferguson (Part 2)

Advent Reflections 2 Christmas for Ferguson  Update- At the time of this writing, it was announced yesterday (December 3, 2014) that the Grand Jury investigating the choking death of Eric Garner will not bring the case to trial. Details of the Grand Jury’s decision-making process has not been released yet. Last week we considered the […]

Christmas for Ferguson (Pt 1)

Advent Reflections  A few months ago, in a town that few people had heard about named Ferguson, Missouri, a police officer named Darren Wilson confronted an 18-year old named Mike Brown. Mike Brown had, a few minutes earlier, robbed a convenience store. An altercation ensued followed by a struggle in the police officer’s car. A […]