Sunday Services: English | 9:30 am & Chinese | 11 am


Online Meetings & A Reminder

Our services have shifted completely online. Sermons are posted on Facebook on YouTube.

We encourage members to contact each other regularly and to check up on one another by phone, especially those who are unable to leave their homes. May the Lord use this time for us to reprioritize our lives, to love one another, and to treasure the ability to gather together. 

Church-wide Day Of Prayer & Fasting

Our church prays and fast Tuesdays for the COVID-19 situation.  We invite you to join us weekly if you can until the social distancing measures are lifted.  You may choose freely to fast from something you normally take delight in (entertainment, lunch, etc.) and pray for the church and the spread of the virus.  Pray that the Lord would have mercy on Staten Island and the world.


Our church is still in need of regular financial giving.  We would like to encourage you to use this time to strengthen your spiritual discipline of giving regularly.  You may give your offering via:

  1. Online giving
  2. Direct wire through your bank
  3. Check

Please contact Deacon William Juan for more information.

The church is NOT taking donations for medical items since we cannot check for the quality of various products.  If you would like to give in addition to your regular tithe, the church will be taking donations and directing them to areas in need.  Please use the online giving tools.  We are not able to take cash.

Evangelistic Materials

The church has purchased books for evangelism in Simplified Chinese, “What Are Christmas and Easter All About”?  It is a great evangelism tool we would like to invite you to give to your friends.  You can pick it up at the church Friday morning.

Children’s Sunday Schools

Sunday Schools teachers will be touching base with the upper grades students online during the week.  We encourage parents of the lower grades students will go through the Sunday School materials and assist their children to complete the assignments during the week.

Prayer Meetings

Prayer is very important at this time.  We use this time to pray for our city, state, nation and the world.  We use these times to pray for one another and remind each other of our need for Christ.  The church has daily prayer meetings on weekdays (Monday-Friday) at 7:30 AM and Tuesday Evenings at 8:00 PM.  All are welcome to attend by phone.  Church members can find the phone number and code in their email.

Please pray for the following regarding the COVID-19 virus.

  • There are several individuals and families in the church that have been affected by this virus.  Please pray for them.
  • Pray that the Lord would have mercy- government officials and scientists are projecting that over 100,000 may die before the virus is done spreading in the United States. 
  • Pray for the area hospitals- pray for the nurses and doctors working in the area.
  • Pray for wisdom to know how to help and care for one another.
  • Thank the Lord that the projected number of sick has dropped.

Family Retreat Cancelled

Due to the uncertainty of the summer, the retreat has been cancelled for this year.  Those who have registered will receive a refund.

NYC COVID-19 Response Efforts & Census Reminder

• New York City is looking for volunteers. Please go to their service page for more information.

• A friendly reminder in this chaos that the US Government is collecting census data at this time.  We would like to encourage our church to remember to fill out the information requested when you receive the mailing.  It is important for the government to know how many people are on Staten Island.  Minority groups historically have been underrepresented in Census data.  There will be no questions about citizenship or visa status.