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Christian Maturity: Playing the Fool

In his book, “Fool’s Talk: The Art of Christian Persuasion”, author and public intellectual Os Guinness outlines the four ways the Bible describes a fool. In the first case a fool is someone who is objectively a fool. They are a fool because God calls them so. Proverbs as does Jesus in the gospel describe many of the actions of a fool. They do not listen to God or take heed of God’s warnings. In the second case, is someone who is not a fool, but is willing to look like one for the sake of identifying with Christ. Jesus himself was treated as a fool.

Spiritual Maturity: Forgetting What is Behind; Pressing Toward What is Ahead

Last week we started a conversation about what Spiritual Maturity looks like. Is it knowledge? Is it skill or ability? Is it personality? Is it character? Last week we discussed how in many ways those are aspects of Christian maturity, but each one alone doesn’t quite encompass it. One basic understanding of Christian maturity is that it is not stagnant. Christian maturity is a direction, not a stage. A person does not graduate and does not “arrive” at Christian maturity. It is something that continues through the life of the believer.

Christian Maturity

What does a mature Christian look like? Over the next few weeks, I’d like to explore this question. The question is not unimportant. Christ came to save us from our sin. We are saved by grace. But we are also saved for a purpose. This purpose is to grow in our relationship with Christ. We […]

Thoughts on the Retreat

Last week, our church had its annual Family Retreat at Spruce Lake Retreat Center. The theme of the retreat was “Thus Says the Lord: Reflections on God’s Word”. Here are some of my highlights from the Retreat. Blessings: 1. Great time of community building and fellowship-One of the reasons the annual retreat is one of […]

Spiritual Dryness: Fueling Our Desires

Over the past several weeks we have been discussing the causes and challenges of Spiritual dryness. As with physical thirst, spiritual dryness can be an indication that something is wrong. You can ignore it for a while, but in the end you will not be able to ignore it any longer. The past few weeks we discussed causes of spiritual dryness: forgetting the spiritual disciplines of prayer, God’s Word, fellowship, indulging in sin, or ignoring physical limitations and business. But there are times when a person is still being obedient, still engaging in a regular relationship with God, and in spite of everything is going well, can still feel distant from God.

Spiritual Dryness: Being Human

In this series, we have discussed the issue of Spiritual Dryness and what are some reasons for it. We have discussed how the neglect of spiritual disciplines can stifle our appetite for God. A second cause could be the presence of sin in our lives. A third reason for spiritual dryness may surprise some of […]

Spiritual Dryness: Are You Harboring Sin?

In our reflections we are considering the issue of spiritual dryness. Last week we discussed one possible reason we may be spiritually dry. There is a lack of enjoyment of God. We may be neglecting the gifts of prayer, and devotional life with God. Another closely related reason could be that we may be harboring […]

Spiritual Dryness: Symptoms

Spiritual dryness is not something unique to believers today. It is a struggle that God’s people have always had since Biblical times. The Bible uses terms like “living water”, or “ever flowing springs” to describe an intimate life with God(Psalm 1:3, 46:4, Jer. 17:3). So what does spiritual dryness look like?In Psalm 63:1, the writer speaks of being in a “dry and weary land”. Other Scriptures talk of God “hiding his face” (Psalm 13:1, 27:9). What is the source of spiritual dryness? How do we face it?

Community (Part 5)

Our church’s vision is “to Raise Worshiping Disciples of Christ through the Power of the Gospel”. As stated over the past few weeks, the God ordained way we raise Disciples of Christ is through community. It is why we encourage and exhort members of our church not to give us so easily on community, to […]